With the Christmas Party, Boxing Day sales, mandatory working in stores / on sites, public holiday pay, site closures, secret Santa, etc. there is a lot going on at this time of year.

But now is also the time for a quick system check for next year. Sometimes we forget critical system configurations until it is to late. So at ATEO we have created our most commonly forgotten configurations:

  • Public Holidays – Have you got them entered for 2020?
  • Special Event Days – Does your forecasting engine know that 28th Dec is a Public Holiday this year?
  • Trading Hours – Are you set up return to normal trade?
  • Fiscal Calendars – When does yours run to in the system?
  • Pay Increases – Do you have any variations to allowances, etc. coming into effect?

We wish you all a great holiday period and hope you get a break before the new year.


Author: Scott Gavens   LinkedIn Logo

Scott is a Workforce Management Solutions expert helping business free up their managers through unique solutions. He has delivered solutions for more than a million employees covering over 5,000 customer sites.

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