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Optimise @ ATEO

Fast, ongoing WFM support that maximises your workforce management ROI

Optimise @ ATEO

Fast, ongoing WFM support that maximises your workforce management ROI

Maximise the ongoing value of your WFM investment

Get the most out of your workforce management system with dedicated, ongoing support from ATEO’s trusted, independent Australian-based WFM specialists.

WFM support at ATEO

WFM specialists at your fingertips

Businesses are dynamic. Your workforce needs change and evolve – and so does the technology you use to support it. For this reason, workforce management systems aren’t set and forget solutions – they require continuous updates to ensure they’re delivering the best ROI for your organisation.

ATEO can support you to make sure your WFM solution is performing at its best.

ATEO provides simplified, streamlined ongoing WFM support via Optimise @ ATEO – our support subscription service that delivers you fast access to our experts without the need to wait on a purchase order.

How you can use your Optimise @ ATEO WFM support package

Otpimise @ ATEO gives you the ability to call upon your own dedicated ATEO account manager at any stage to support you where you need it most. Our team will continue to find future value opportunities in your WFM system, optimising and maintaining your underlying workforce management process so you always have the best tools to make informed business decisions.

Action backlog tasks from your WFM project implementation phase

Complete ongoing health checks and testing

Respond to future organisational challenges

Review and fix broken integrations and receive troubleshooting advice

ATEO have been an instrumental partner, consistently delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions for our workforce management tools. They take the time to understand our business to ensure the solutions delivered meet our specific needs. No problem has been too hard to solve, even when working with tight deadlines. The ATEO team are experts in their fields and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Ciaran Scully-Clausn – Fone Zone Pty Ltd, General Manager – People & Performance

Business value delivered fast

Receive simplified, streamlined ongoing support to ensure that your organisation continues to maximise its ongoing investment in your WFM solution as your business needs change and product updates occur.

Our Optimise @ ATEO subscription service provides you with the support you need at a set monthly fee, giving you transparency over your WFM budget and removing the costly delays that can occur when waiting on purchase order approvals.

We also have options to pre-purchase a bank of hours, or the option to pre-approve work that needs to be done without stipulating a budget.  






Local resources
Streamlined turn-around
40 hours support and consulting per month
Up to 2 half day staff training sessions per quarter 
50% of unused hours can be rolled over into the following month* 
Dedicated account manager
Simplified budgeting process
Removal of purchase order delays
Goal triage (respond to your query with a time and materials estimate)
24 hours  48 hours 48 hours 

*Unused hours expire after three months if not used

Your dedicated WFM partner

ATEO’s team of problem solvers has over 300+ combined years of experience in configuring ANZ-specific workforce management systems, including enterprise agreement and modern award interpretation, scheduling, forecasting, proactive monitoring, labour engineering/analytics, compliance response/mitigation, BOOT and mutual variations.

We think outside the box

Our tech knowledge and operational experience allows our team to deliver fast-tracked creative solutions to meet even the most challenging workforce management requirements

We’re 100% Australian based

Our experienced Australian owned and based team has a unique understanding of ANZ labour challenges, having worked with multiple WFM technologies and implementations for some of Australia’s largest businesses

We take a holistic approach

We understand how to customise solutions that match the operational reality of your business. As your WFM partner, we take the time to understand your business operations and needs before suggesting practical improvements to your system

We’re relationship-focused

We view each of our clients as partners. We care about them and their ongoing success – always looking for ways to complement their business and increase continuity of organisational knowledge. We win when our clients win

ATEO is a certified UKG partner

Our specialists offer ongoing UKG support to make sure that your system is properly maintained and optimised at all times. As your UKG partner, we reduce your in-house key person risk by assigning you with a dedicated account manager that allocates the work you need completed to the right ATEO specialist.


Hidden - Manager – Workforce Consulting (UKG/Kronos)

Are you looking to take your UKG (Kronos) experience to the next level? Do you have a passion for Workforce Management? ATEO is looking for a Manager to lead a division of their Workforce Consulting team, and is seeking an innovative and driven person to join this high achieving team.

You will lead a growing dynamic team, responsible for the high-quality implementation of UKG Dimensions & Kronos WFC projects. You will need exceptional problem solving and organisational skills and a good understanding of workforce management implementations.

About the Company

  • A dynamic and growing Workforce Management specialists with a focus on employee and client satisfaction
  • Industry leading perks including salary packaging, strong working from home support, corporate giving, paid parental leave and employee assistance program
  • Investment in training and development including UKG Certification
  • Working with Australia and New Zealand’s largest companies
  • 100% locally based resources and independently operated
  • Committed to flexible working arrangement and genuine work life balance

About the role

  • Lead client engagements to discover, interpret and document product requirements at a detailed level
  • Provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to maximise staff performance
  • Manage and monitor deliverables and ensure timely completion of projects and tasks of the Workforce Consulting team.
  • Opportunity to work on a mix of hands-on consulting and team leadership
  • Reporting to Senior Manager for Workforce Consulting

Key Skills & Experience

  • Extensive experience working with UKG (Kronos) Workforce Management software or similar
  • 7+ years of consulting and/or industry experience
  • Strong business acumen including a passion for improving business processes
  • Ability to identify operational efficiency and improve customer outcomes.
  • Previous team leadership / management experience preferred

If this sounds like you please apply now or for more information contact:


P: 03 9016 0103

What stage do I need to be at to best take advantage of the Optimise @ ATEO WFM support package?

The Optimise @ ATEO support package is best for organisations that have implemented a WFM system and need a high-value, fast service to maintain and update the system as business needs change.

If you’re looking for help but haven’t yet implemented your WFM project, we’d suggest looking at our project services outlined on our Services page or our dedicated UKG Dimensions services page. We provide end-to-end WFM services, meaning that we can help you at any stage of your project. We can help with selecting and implementing a new workforce management software, upgrading your existing system, migrating to a cloud-based solution, improving reporting, establishing a successful change management plan, and more – just ask.

We have complex needs with a workforce across multiple industrial agreements. Are you able to deliver solutions to meet these needs via the Optimise @ ATEO?

This is our specialty. The more complex your requirements the better. We help large businesses with staff across multiple awards and enterprise agreements in industries such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, logistics and more. Within your support package, we can help you achieve any updates that you would like to make post-implementation.

Where are you based?

We have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. All of our team members are based in Australia, which means they understand the specific needs of Australian business.

What workforce management systems do you work with?

We’re system agnostic, meaning we can work with any WFM system. We’re a certified UKG Partner, which means that we can deliver solutions across UKG’s offerings, including migrations from retiring Kronos products. We also have experience with WFM systems such as Ceridian Dayforce, Tanda, Ento and Blue Yonder. We can also help you with test preparation and a range of other services.

Chat to our team for honest, independent advice that you can trust.

How does ATEO’s WFM support process differ from other WFM consultants?

We consider each of our clients as our partners. We take the time to get to know your overall business strategy. By doing this, we’ve found that we can build a system that better fits your business and delivers better results over the long term.

Our unique expertise spans business analysis and an in-depth technical understanding of how organisational needs can be met with a practical, efficient system.

ATEO expert WFM insights

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