Kronos Consulting /Configuration

Not all Kronos Consultants are created equal and it is important that you work with Kronos Consulting experts who can steer you away from costly delay, and help to deliver your project faster and to a higher quality.

“Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.” –

Edsger W. Dijkstra

The similarity of Edsger’s quote and working with Kronos is remarkable. Kronos can be a maze if you take it on alone, but with a good Kronos Consulting partner there are huge opportunities to deliver value back to your business.

Our Kronos Consultants have experience with multiple versions of Kronos and experience over a wide range of modules including (but not limited to) to:

  • Kronos Timekeeper
  • Kronos Forecaster
  • Kronos Scheduler
  • Kronos Navigator
  • Kronos Budgeting (Formerly Operations Planner)
  • Kronos Employee Self Service
  • Kronos SMS Quick Fill
  • Kronos Mobile
  • Kronos Anayltics
  • Kronos Hardware Clocks (4500 and InTouch)
  • Kronos Quick Time Stamp
  • Kronos Technical Services including
    • Kronos Attestation Tool Kit (ATK)
    • Kronos Workforce Integration Manager (WIM)
    • Kronos Report Writing
    • Kronos Cloud and associated tools (i.e. App Catalog, SFTP)

We would love to talk to you on +61 (3) 8395 3927 or contact us via our contact page to learn about how we can accelerate your project and meet your needs.