ATEOs experience has revealed that in Australia the large majority of companies aren’t getting the most out of Kronos, often blaming the system rather than the configuration. So ATEO reached out to some of the world’s largest Kronos specialist firms and what we found is that world-wide companies aren’t making the most of what they have paid for.

Kronos themselves estimate that in the US managers lose over US$4,500 per year on administrative work costs.  Taking into account higher wages in Australia this is likely to be closer to AU$8,000 per manager in Australia.

Improvizations Consulting estimate that most companies use less than 50% of Kronos’ features/capabilities. In our experience this utilisation could be even lower!

Surety Systems think the 3 most common mistakes with using Kronos are:

  1. Failure to Properly Train New Managers on Kronos
  2. Failure to Use Kronos Tools
  3. Failure to Maintain the System

In ATEO’s experience I would add:

  1. Failure to configure Kronos to match your business goals
  2. Failure to automate repetitive process
  3. Over complicating the system

Kronos, like all technology companies improve and release new versions. Often companies take system upgrades but leave the configuration the same (ie. Version 8 running on version 5 configuration) leaving significant untapped potential. Additionally, limitations in knowledge, skill or budget during your original project can leave you not making the most of the Kronos system. This potential remains unknown and unutilised costing your business thousands or millions in efficiency each year.

Take Excel as an example. Microsoft Excel originally had basic features, then pivot tables, macros and now Excel 365 with cloud sharing. Unless someone teaches you how to use these features you can be stuck not making the most of the product, Kronos is the same.

Kronos is an amazingly powerful tool when set-up correctly, if you would like more information on how you can free your managers time and get more from your Kronos system, Contact the Industry Expert team at ATEO to discuss how we can provide a satisfaction guaranteed assessment on how to get more out of Kronos.


Author: Scott Gavens   LinkedIn Logo

Scott is a Workforce Management Solutions expert helping business free up their managers through unique solutions. He has delivered solutions for more than a quarter of a million employees covering over 3,000 customer sites.

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