And are you ready when the government rules change again?

Already in Australia we have seen mandatory vaccinations for aged care workers and in some states the construction industry. Additionally, some companies have already gone it alone mandating vaccinations. 


Whilst the federal government is yet to provide clear guidance on which industries will or won’t be allowed to mandate vaccinations, the one thing that is clear is that most industries will at least in part have a requirement to check vaccination status including for site entry, interstate travel or government regulations. 

As a company what systems do you have in place to manage vaccination compliance? Can your managers check they are only sending vaccinated employees to certain sites or schedule only vaccinated staff? Now is the time to start reviewing your systems and start planning how your business is going to comply with vaccination rules and manage/track the vaccination status of employees.

It is worthwhile asking:

  • Do you have systems that track certification of both first and second vaccination?
  • How do you visualise you are rostering staff that meet vaccination requirements?
  • Should staff who do not meet vaccination requirements be blocked from clock in?
  • Will your staff be required to undertake attestation as to their health status, negative test status, or that appropriate PPE has been provided?
  • How will you manage medical exemptions and track negative test results?
  • In the future, will you need to know when booster shots are required or have been had?
  • What security is going to be required with this health data?

Key Takeaways

Many WFM systems are capable of tracking skills/certifications already, do you know if yours does or how to use/establish these requirements?

At ATEO we want to help re-open the nation and we believe it is important to start planning today so you are ready for the regulations that are coming tomorrow. If you have any questions on COVID vaccination readiness feel free to reach out to the team at ATEO.


Author: Scott Gavens   LinkedIn Logo

Scott is a Workforce Management Solutions expert helping business manage complex change through unique solutions. He has delivered solutions for millions of employees covering over 5,000 customer sites in multiple countries.

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